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Welcome to our  first-person shooter video gaming site! Follow the tips and tricks explained in this website to save more points and enjoy more than the other playstation games. 

Bioshock Infinite - Tips and Tricks


The game has four different types of collectibles: 80 voxáphones , 26 kinetoscopes , 11 telescopes and 24 invigorators.

In our guide you will find the location of all of them. You must make sure you get them as you advance in the game because when you move to a new area, you can not go back to pick it up.

Voxáfonos, kinetoscopio and telescopes

In the event that you forget any of these collectibles, the best thing you can do is load a previous game that is as close as possible to the collectible that you forgot and collect it / use it. By doing so, your collectible counter will increase, and if you return to your more advanced game the increased counter will be kept and you can get the trophy when you get them all. Even at the end of a game and starting a new one, the collectibles counter will be maintained.


If you left yourself invigorating, you will not be able to use the trick we indicated for the other collectibles. In this case you will have to get the 24 invigorators that we indicate in the guide in a single game. If you forget one you can load a previous control point to get it, but when you get it you will have to continue in that same game.

The importance of the picks

Throughout the game you will find many lockpicks that you can use to open doors or safes. Locked doors always give access to areas with collectibles and safes only have money. Whenever you see a lock you will find the keys necessary to open them in the area. In the case of not finding many, you will have to make sure you always carry enough to open the doors of the collectibles.

Trick to unlock the 1999 Mode

The game contains a hidden button code thanks to which you can unlock the 1999 Mode without having to complete the game for the first time.

If you play Mode 1999 having used the trick, you can get all the trophies of the game and even get to get platinum.

1999 Mode Information

The game itself indicates, "this extreme mode is for the best among the best". In this game mode the enemies will do much more damage, you will do less damage, the enemies have better aim, you will not have help to aim at the enemies and your shield will be recharged more slowly.

In case you think little, every time you die you will lose $ 100. In case you stay with $ 0, the game will send you to the menu screen of the game as a "Gameover ". In case this happens to you, you can reload a previous game in which you still have money and keep playing as you will get the trophies even after having died.

To use it you must be in the main menu of the game (New game, load game ...) and press the following combination of buttons: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, Equis.

When you press them, an image will appear on the screen indicating that you unlocked the 1999 Mode and you will get the An old friend trophy in the same way as if you had completed the game.

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